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21st Oct 2006
Autumn Gathering 28/10/06
Received on 21/10/06 is this notice announcing the AEC Society Autumn Gathering & AGM on 28/10/06 at Coventry Transport Museum.

15th Oct 2006
G'day to my mate Andy Wright in Perth, Western Australia, who photographed this glorious Mk III saved from the scrapman by Kevin Martin, near Williams in WA. I'm not sure if it's a Matador, Monarch or Mandator though.

8th Jul 2006
RML2480 RML2623 RML2717
With thanks to Grahame Bessey here are the three First Eastern Counties RMLs seen in Norwich on 29th June 2006.
15th Apr 2006A new arrival on the site is a piece about AEC's demonstrators.
7th Mar 2006All the collections which require refreshing have been moved to the bottom of the home page, partly to tidy up and partly to remind me to do the work!  My new Classic Commercial Motor Vehicles gallery is proving such a hit there's no time to do what needs doing here!!
12th Feb 2006Presenting "New Through and Through" the first in a series of AEC literature in PDF format.
8th Feb 2006Great news is that RT8 is to be repatriated from the United States by Ensignbus.
Shipped to the US in late 1961 to attend a British Fortnight promotion in Chicago, this prewar 2RT2 has resided in the National Museum of Transportation in St Louis Missouri ever since.
Steve Newman of Ensignbus expects shipment to take place in early March 2006.
28th Jan 2006Have you been looking for somewhere to post your non-AEC commercial vehicle photos?
Where better than my new group CCMV - Classic Commercial Motor Vehicles!
There's a new Fotopic gallery to accompany the Group as well. Quality pictures of our favourite lorries are arriving every day so I do hope you'll join up - all contributions welcome.
22nd Jan 2006 Walthamstow Pump House Museum announce their 6th AEC Rally will be held on the weekend of Sept 30/Oct 1 2006. All welcome. See Rally page.
21st Jan 2006  Bonneted AECs in New South Wales courtesy of Andrew Blacklock.
28th Dec 2005Rally page updated with links to the Hackney Marshes Vintage Bus Event planned for Easter Sunday, April 16th 2006.
21st Dec 2005Best wishes for 2006 to everyone who visits the site. I'm sorry there hasn't been much in the way of new material for a while - I have lots of plans but not enough time!
11th Dec 2005ADMIN: The website has now been moved to a new server. Some sections need to be brought up to date and are therefore temporarily unavailable. If you should find any broken links I'd be grateful if you could drop me a line.
29th Oct 2005Phil Wallace has confirmed the 10th Matador & Militant Rally will be held at Kemble Airfield (Cirencester) on August 5th/6th 2006.  It is hoped that 50 or more Matadors and Militants will attend the BIG ONE!
To download an ENTRY FORM, right-click here and "Save Target As..."
27th Oct 2005A new book about Wall's Ice Cream vehicles has just been published and AEC enthusiasts will be interested in the section on Mammoth Major Mk Vs and tilt cab Mandators.  Available from the publishers Nostalgia Road Publications Ltd.
8th Sep 2005Work has started on migrating the site to new webspace as I get to grips with Broadband.  There's quite a lot of code to be re-written and links to be refreshed, so the next update won't appear before the middle of November at the earliest.
In the meantime, be sure to try out the new AEC Noticeboard and keep up to date with pictures posted to the AEC email list by visiting the AEC Fotopic Gallery.
5th Aug 2005I don't know what I was doing on June 26th 1988, but I missed the final gathering of AECs at Southall Works!  I've compiled a page called Return to Southall with some details and pictures of the event but I need more photos please.  If you can help please email
1st Aug 2005It's good news for two Regent IIIs: RLH61 has been repatriated from Ontario and rehabilitated by Ensignbus, while former South Wales JWN908, which had been based in New Jersey for many years, has been returned to Swansea for preservation.
Please visit:
JWN908 Repatriation Day! by Alex Hall
Paul Bateson's RLH61 page
Don't forget pictures of RLH61 on it's last day in London can be seen here on the RLH page.
25th Jun 2005More photos from Wollaton Park taken by Peter Quinn
14th Jun 2005Afonso Henriques from Portugal has allowed me to present photos of the unidentified mirror-image Carris AEC Regent V type featured on his weblog.
12th Jun 2005Wollaton Park 2005 entry list and pictures
29th May 20051931 AEC Renown LT1076 from the LT Museum was the Outright Concours d'Elegance Winner at this year's London to Brighton run.  Photo by Peter Quinn.
15th May 2005Twelve more archive photos have been added to the A.E.C. Model Range page including normal control Marshal, Mandator & Matador types, Monarch exhibition chassis, South African Regal IV, Mercury GM4RA & Mandator G4RA, Regal VI, RM8, and another HDK4 Dumptruk.
12th May 2005Phil Wallace has confirmed the 9th Matador & Militant Rally will be held at Kemble Airfield (Cirencester) on August 6th/7th 2005.
2nd May 2005I've refreshed the section on A.E.C. books following the most recent new publications plus some secondhand acquistions for the library.
3rd Apr 2005A quick look at some of the A.E.C. highlights seen at Cobham 03.04.05
20th Feb 2005A.E.C.s were marketed in Spanish-speaking counties as A.C.L.O.s (Associated Company's Lorries & Omnibuses).  My new page A.C.L.O. Buses of Northern Spain takes a look at the buses operated by "ALSA".
4th Feb 2005Regent Mk III Fire Appliance page revised to include several new images.
2nd Jan 2005With apologies for the delay since the previous update, the A.E.C. Model Range page has been extensively revamped and now contains new & rescanned official A.E.C. photos from my archive, with more to follow.  Well worth a look!  Some excellent photos of A.E.C. demonstrator vehicles will be added to this page over the coming weeks too.
19th Nov 200410 photos of Australian AECs owned and driven by Tom McGrath in the 1950s & 1960s.
20th Oct 2004This photo of a Works Transport Maudslay Merlin II arrived just after the Dave Chalker Collection was finalised (see below).
17th Oct 2004The new Dave Chalker Collection has 24 photos taken in the 1970s, mainly of working AECs in the Portsmouth area.
3rd Oct 2004The Barry Hitchcox Collection has a new AEC page plus SRMs on the Routemaster page.
26th Sep 2004Showbus at Duxford saw the first outing for RML 898 superbly restored by owner Ted Price. RML 898 visited the USA twice in the early 'sixties and Ted's restoration recalls the first visit in 1962.
30th Aug 2004Revised slide show presentation of AECs at Southall Works with four new images, 10 in all to preload so please give it a minute or two to open fully.
Plus ... AEC archive photos of Mammoth Major 8 Mk V, BDK6 Dumptruk and Marshal TGM6R added to AEC model range page.
25th Jul 200412 pictures taken on July 25th at Routemaster 50 added to the site.
11th Jul 2004I've reorganised this page so all pictures featuring the AEC Works at Southall are now grouped together in the first row of thumbnails.
30th Jun 2004Andrew O'Brien has very kindly supplied this 106kb photo of Eastbourne AEC Regal III AHC 411 outside Southall Works in the late 1970s.  I will shortly be releasing a new page of similar photos of AECs around the works but I need some more contributions please.  If you have any photos which you would like to see displayed on the website please contact me.
30th Jun 2004New on the preservation scene is 1948 Matador Mk III KGN 371 ex London Co-Op.  Owned by Roger Hawkshaw, the superb lorry made its debut at the Cornish Coastal run on 27/6/04 and Gyles Carpenter was there to photograph it.   [ 126kb ]
12th Jun 2004Newark 2004 entry list and pictures
16th May 2004A selection of magnificent photos of restored AEC lorries taken by Gyles Carpenter
4th Apr 2004Some views from Cobham 04.04.04 at Wisley Airfield ..
RM1650 is once again Silver Jubilee SRM3  [ 110kb ]
RML2565 in Stratford Blue livery  [ 117kb ]
AEC Regal III T792  [ 132kb ]
AEC Regent V Oxford 191  [ 93kb ]
14th Mar 2004AEC stand at the 1950 Commercial Motor Show  [ 133kb ]
PLUS two more AEC archive photos added to AEC model range page
12th Mar 2004AEC Diesel Shunter page revised at long last to include photos of the inaugural run in May 2002!
29th Feb 2004The Barry Hitchcox Collection has been extended to include rare pictures of Routemaster RM2 at Oxford Bus Museum in 1987 and showbuses at North Weald in 1981.
26th Feb 2004Three more AEC archive photos added to AEC model range page including this
line up of Heavy Duty Dumptruks Type HDK4  [ 97kb ]
16th Dec 2003Continuing the Routemaster theme with this super photo by Robert Smith of
LT's experimental RM8  [ 82kb ] taken at Southall in February 1974.
23rd Nov 2003Routemaster page completely revised!
· Now 7 pages
· All existing images re-scanned
· Many new pictures added
· More than 90 photos in total
· Captions are still to be added, but the photos can be viewed now!
21st Sep 2003Some photos from Chalfont St Giles
Derek Funnell's Matador ASJ350   [ 107kb ]
Robert Harris' Matador WVS468   [ 155kb ]
Green Line Reliance RB51   [ 137kb ]
2nd Sep 2003Some more photos from Newark 2003
Emergency Tender OXT779   [ front, 128kb ]
Emergency Tender OXT779   [ rear, 112kb ]
Dual Purpose Appliance EDM893J   [ 120kb ]
AEC Mercury HSU162 [72VNN]   [ 144kb ]
An old Maudslay   [ 110kb ]
23rd Aug 2003Photos via Martin Rickwood of RM1000 at Southall Works in 1987
6th Aug 20032003 Newark Rally listing
2nd Jul 2003The Peter Newman section now has 50 photos on two pages including many new and previously unpublished views.  25 Trolleys, Q, Regent, RF, Bridgemaster, Renown, Mercury appliances  plus 25 Routemasters & Reliances
11th Jun 2003The Barry Hitchcox gallery of classic AEC buses in Oxford has been updated to include
12 highbridge AEC Regent IIIs & Regent Vs plus 5 visitors to Oxford Bus Station.
31st May 2003AEC Model Range added.
26th Apr 2003
T357 returns to Cobham 1931 AEC Regal 662630, former London Transport T357, has returned to Cobham Bus Museum after nearly fifty years exiled in France.  [ 353 kb ]
18th Mar 2003The next batch of black & white photos from the John Law Archive has now been posted.
34 images of various AECs including Matadors, half-cab Regals, a Regent rebuild and Renowns.
6th Mar 200310 Classic AEC single deckers in Oxford by Barry Hitchcox now available.
10th Feb 2003Unique images of AEC Works Transport vehicles in colour by R.W.C.Smith
13th Jan 2003The first two sets of black & white picture albums in a new series from the John Law Archive are now ready.  The pages are in a revised format for quicker loading.
21 AEC Regent Vs from early medium-weight MDs to late heavy-weight LDs;
14 AEC Swifts featuring vehicles from Blackpool, Grimsby, Leeds and more.
9th Dec 2002A collection of 12 classic AEC buses in Oxford by Barry Hitchcox is now available to view.
9th Nov 2002Photos of new Routemasters at the AEC Works in 1962 by Geoff Rixon added.
10th Aug 200210 new photos added to the RLH page, including the final garage journey of RLH 61 in 1971.
31st Jul 2002Links to the Bus & Truck Museum of New South Wales added.
24th Jul 2002AECs at Duxford Airfield added.
11th Jul 2002L A T E   N E W S  · The GWRPG announced today that the newly restored AEC Diesel Shunter will be officially re-launched by the Mayor of Ealing at Southall sidings on Saturday July 13th 2002.
··· Post-script 13/7/02: the unveiling went ahead - photos will be here soon!
23rd Jun 2002 New-look Matador page with more photos, all existing photos re-scanned, plus some interesting Matador links.
5th Jun 200235 vehicles, 47 images : Newark 2002 Rally Photos now online.
30th May 2002Newark 2002 Rally Entries listing added.
21st May 20027 super 'sixties & 'seventies LT/LCBS photos by Derek Freeman added.
21st May 2002Interesting sightings in Rainham.
22nd April 2002Another large helping of AEC Reliances added to the John Law Collection!
Many rare and interesting views of vehicles with bygone independent operators.
17 new photos of Reliances licensed between 1955 & 1963
6 new photos of Reliances licensed between 1964 & 1967
9 new photos of Reliances licensed between 1968 & 1979
14th Apr 200228 views of LT's RLH Class AEC Regent IIIs added to the photo album.
26th Mar 200212 new photos of Regent, Regal, Routemaster and Renown types added to the John Law Collection [new thumbnails are set on a blue background on the index pages].
18th Mar 2002 AEC Bibliography revamped with 37 improved book-cover thumbnails, including several AEC titles not displayed here before.
10th Feb 20027 new views of Bridgemaster, Matador, Monocoach and Routemaster types
10 new views of AEC Regent Vs
16th Jan 2002Singapore Fire Service Regent III added.
15th Jan 2002BEA Routemaster & Reliance coaches added to the Peter Newman page.
1st Dec 2001Some of you may already have found the latest additions to the John Law Collection!
Seventy six new photos, many being published for the first time!  Independents a speciality!
AEC Reliances licensed between 1955 & 1963
AEC Reliances licensed between 1964 & 1967
AEC Reliances licensed between 1968 & 1979
AEC Swifts
19th Nov 2001Many new photos added to John Law's page plus a page of 18 new AEC Regent V photos.
20th Oct 2001The John Law Collection featuring photos of Bridgemaster, Monocoach, Reliance, and Swift types is now available.
8th Oct 2001 AEC Regent III Fire Appliances added to the photo album.
4th Sept 2001Maintenance in progress to improve site appearance when viewed on 17" monitors.
16th July 2001More great photos of AECs in the 60s and 70s by Peter Newman are now available.
4th July 2001Summary of Previous updates added.
21st June 2001Rally Calendar updated.
7th June 2001The selection of photos of AECs attending the rally at Newark Showground on 27th May 2001 is now complete.  See them on the Newark Checklist.
20th April 2001A new selection of Routemasters added to the Photo Album.
10th April 2001Important changes to the AEC Society Rally on Sunday 27th May 2001.
19th February 2001Bibliography updated with news of an important new AEC book.
23rd October 2000This site now has a new URL