1931 AEC Regal 662630 has returned to Cobham Bus Museum after nearly fifty years exiled in France.  GN8242 was one of six coaches new to Queen Line for the Baldock/London coach service.  Acquired by London Transport in 1933 and numbered T357, this petrol engined Regal I originally had a 31-seat coach body built by London Lorries.  In 1935 it received the stylish Weymann 26-seat bus body similar to those fitted to LPTB's AEC Reliances.  Converted to run on gas during World War Two and converted back to petrol before the end of the war, the Regal was used on personnel transport duties in Germany.  It was sold in the 'fifties to owners in France who converted it to a caravan.  It was discovered in 2002 and members of the British Bus Preservation Group and the London Bus Preservation Trust successfully negotiated its return to Cobham.

T357 offside front view

T357 nearside front view

T357 offside rear view