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Derek Freeman was brought up in Brixton and as the family had no car public transport was a way of life.  Derek joined London Transport at age 16 and started at Brixton Garage in January 1966, and after three months was transfered to Chiswick Works to carry out a four year apprenticeship.  Derek spent six months at Aldenham Works in the summer of 1968 and six months at Reigate Garage in 1969.  In March 1970 Derek transferred to London Country at Addlestone Garage and two years later went to Reigate where he was fortunate enough to be promoted to Area Engineer, travelling all over London Country territory checking new buses before they entered service as well as being involved in training, accident investigation and fault finding; a very rewarding job!

In submitting these photos taken during his career with LT/LCBS Derek says "It is nice to know that after all these years someone else can look at them and perhaps bring back memories".  There are more of Derek's photos on the RLH page.

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RT 337 by Derek Freeman (81k)
RT 337  
Aldenham Works

RT 745 by Derek Freeman (114k)
RT 745  
Aldenham Works

XMS 10 by Derek Freeman (52k)
XMS 10  
Victoria Station

MB 314 by Derek Freeman (90k)
MB 314  
Aldenham Works

SMW 1 by Derek Freeman (80k)
SMW 1  
Tinsley Green

SMW 12 by Derek Freeman (68)
SMW 12  

RP 48 by Derek Freeman (83k)
RP 48  
near Addlestone

Grateful thanks to Derek Freeman