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· RM 2 ·
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RM2 (97k) RM2 (103k) RM2 (88k) RM2 (132k) RM2 (129k)
RM2 Hillingdon RM2 Oxford Bus Museum
After many years serving as a permanent driver trainer, Routemaster prototype RM2 passed to the Experimental Department at Chiswick Works where it was used to trial liveries for the Silver Jubilee RMs of 1977 and the Shillibeer RMs of 1979.  RM2 was repainted in original livery and later passed into the care of the LT Museum.  One of RM2's earliest rally appearances was at Hillingdon Showbus on June 23rd 1979 [1st & 2nd images above].
In the late 1980s RM2 was loaned to the Oxford Bus Museum at Long Hanborough as shown in these rare photos taken on October 18th 1987 [3rd & 4th images above] and March 4th 1990 [5th image above].

· Showbuses at North Weald on May 31st 1981 ·
RM1563 (101k) RM1737 & RM1738 (110k) RML2760 (104k) FRM1 (94k) FRM1 (53k)
RM1563 RM1737 & RM1738 RML2760 FRM1 FRM1
· RM1563 from Mortlake Garage was one of the first and one of the best showbuses.
· Dalston Garage had RM1737 and RM1738.  The LT Museum has RM1737 in its collection now.
· RML2760 was adopted as a showbus by Upton Park Garage.  This bus still has its AEC engine in 2004.
· FRM1 was given the 'showbus' treatment and a livery style it never actually carried in service.
· The rear view of FRM1 was taken at traffic lights in Tottenham en route to North Weald.

· More Routemasters ·
SRM 21 (116k)
SRM 21 · RM 1870 (AK)
Pall Mall, 1977
SRM 9 (121k)
SRM 9 · RM 1907 (X)
Bank, 1977
SRM 6 (115k)
SRM 6 · RM 1912 (Q)
Millbank, 1977
RCL 2256 (80k)
RCL 2256
Southend 121
Addlestone, 1989
RCL 2256 (102k)
Southampon 401
& Southend 121
Addlestone, 1989

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