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Visitors to this website will be familiar with the work of guest contributor Peter Newman who travelled all around the UK in the 60s and 70s photographing buses and lorries in everyday service.  Peter edited the London Omnibus Traction Society's monthly journal The London Bus for 3½ years in the early 1970s, and he has delved into his archives and generously provided many of the fascinating photos of AECs featured in AEC 4 Wheel Lorries, Regent, Regal, LT Service Vehicles, London RLHs.

Here is a selection of various AEC types photographed by Peter.

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RV8332, Portsmouth Trolleybus by Peter Newman (55k)
 RV8332  Portsmouth 50
 Trolley 661T133

RV9154, Portsmouth Trolleybus by Peter Newman (44k)
 RV9154  Portsmouth 100
 Trolleybus 661T164

CKG192, Cardiff Trolleybus by Peter Newman (59k)
 CKG192  Cardiff 201
 Trolley 664T861

Q83 (91k)
 CGJ188  Q83
 Q-Type 0762136

830J (70k)
 AGX520  Tender 830J
 Regent 6612610

Provincial 35 (85k)
 BOR767  Provincial 35
 Regent 06614417

Provincial 35 & RF503 (101k)
 BOR767  Provincial 35
 Regent 06614417

RT133 (110k)
 FXT308  RT133
 Regent 06616881

Eastbourne 21 (93k)
 JK9649  Eastbourne 21
 Regent III 0961895

RT1431 (89k)
 RT593 & RT1431  
 Regent III 0961

RT4712 & RT1702 (83k)
 RT4712 & RT1702  
 Regent III 0961

Isle of Man Dual Purpose Appliance (121k)
 EDM893J  (NMN50)
 Regent III D62018R

Reading 100 (82k)
 LDP947  Reading 100
 Regent III 6812A132

Eastbourne 56 (92k)
 JK9649  Eastbourne 56
 Regent V 2D3RV959

East Kent Regent V (k)
 MFN946F  East Kent
 Regent V 3D3RA2015

RF326 (76k)
 MLL963  RF326
 Regal IV 9821LT

RF326 (111k)
 MLL963  RF326
 Regal IV 9821LT

325NJO, Oxford Bridgemaster by Peter Newman (46k)
 325NJO  Oxford L325
 Bridgemaster 2B3RA156

DAU384C, Bedlington Renown by Peter Newman (52k)
 DAU384C  Bedlington
 Renown 3B3RA143

GAT819D, Northern General Renown by Peter Newman (64k)
 GAT819D  Northern Gen
 Renown 3B3RA221

CBY1 (104k)
 CBY1  London F.B. A21
 Mercury TLP

CBY1 (109k)
 CBY1  London F.B. A21
 Mercury TLP

JUL62D, AEC Mercury Merryweather by Peter Newman (94k)
 JUL62D London F.B.
 Mercury TLP

Hong Kong F48 (101k)
 F48  Hong Kong F.B.
 Mercury PE

RT1708 (115k)
 KYY535  RT1708
 Regent III 0961

 BCF638  Tar Sprayer
 Limmer & Trinidad AEC

 EM4607  Tar Sprayer
 Limmer & Trinidad AEC

 GR9622  Tar Sprayer
 Limmer & Trinidad AEC

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