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· Lowheight AEC Regent & Bridgemaster types · presents a selection of black & white images from the Barry Hitchcox archive of AEC buses photographed in Oxford between 1960 and 1962.
Before moving to London, Barry's local home bus fleet was City of Oxford Motor Services, in the days when the city offered a feast of AECs.  Barry built up a collection of photos depicting the Oxford fleet between about 1958/9 (with the demise of the last Guys) and 1961/2 (which saw the arrival of the Dennis Lolines) when the fleet was exclusively AEC!
For 6½ years up to July 1988 Barry was a driver at London Transport's Streatham Garage (and a conductor for a year and a half before that).  He would drive mainly AEC-engined RMs on routes 49 and 159 (very few of Streatham's RMs had Leyland engines) and RMLs on routes 37 and 137.  Barry is not alone in his view that the Routemaster is probably the best thing ever to run on four (or six!) wheels, and he felt truly honoured to have had that direct contact with AEC products.
But back to the Oxford of the early 1960s, and Gloucester Green Bus Station - where most of these lowheight double deckers were photographed.
C L I C K   A   T H U M B N A I L   F O R   A   L A R G E R   I M A G E
Oxford 138, NWL712 (121k)
L138   NWL 712
Regent III 9612A4122
Oxford 152, OFC376 (74k)
L152   OFC 376
Regent III 9612A4678
Oxford 158, PWL405 (148k)
L158   PWL 405
Regent III 9613A5616
Oxford 162, PWL409 (98k)
L162   PWL 409
Regent III 9613A5620

Oxford 168, SFC434 (126k)
L168   SFC 434
Regent III 9613A7083
Oxford 174, TWL174 (123k)
L174   TWL 174
Regent III 9613S7215
Oxford 187, 187AWL (96k)
L187   187 AWL
Regent V MD3RV229
Oxford 193, 193BFC (74k)
L193   193 BFC
Regent V MD3RV304

Oxford 196, 196KFC (104k)
L196   196 KFC
Regent V MD3RV543
Oxford 199, 199KFC (140k)
L199   199 KFC
Regent V MD3RV546
Oxford 306, 306MFC (93k)
306   306 MFC
Bridgemaster 2B3RA121
Oxford 308, 308MFC (71k)
308   308 MFC
Bridgemaster 2B3RA123

One constant presence in the Gloucester Green of the day was SFC1, the pristine 1952 Regent III/ Merryweather Dual Purpose fire appliance.  As Barry says " .. if only I'd swivelled round 180 degrees!!"

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Many thanks to Barry Hitchcox for permission to use his photos
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