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Readers of the London Scene pages in the monthly magazine 'Buses' will be familiar with the excellent colour photographic work of Geoff Rixon, who regularly contributes photos of today's London buses.  Geoff has compiled two colour photo albums, 'The Heyday of the Routemaster' (published by Ian Allan in 1997), and 'Routemasters in Colour' (Ian Allan, 1999).  His pride and joy is RM254, formerly a showbus at Kingston Garage and now restored to a very high standard indeed.
Geoff's enthusiasm for the Routemaster dates back to 1956, when he saw prototype RML3 under construction while he was working at the Weymann factory in Addlestone.  Then in July 1962 the sight of a brand new Green Line Routemaster undergoing a brake test on the service road at the AEC Works in Southall could not be resisted!  Geoff recalls that after nipping over the low wall outside the Works to take a quick photo, he was approached by an official who, instead of booting him off the premises, invited him to take some photos inside the Works!
Geoff (who is also a well known railway photographer) has very kindly given consent for this set of six unique photos to be featured on
C L I C K   A   T H U M B N A I L   F O R   A   L A R G E R   I M A G E
RMC1458 (138k)
RMC1458 undergoing a brake test outside the AEC Works.
RM1293 & RMC1457 (143k)
RM1293 & RMC1457 in Chassis Despatch prior to delivery.
RM1292 & RMC1456 (132k)
RM1292, RMC1456 and a BRS Mercury in Chassis Despatch prior to delivery.
RM1292 & RMC1456 (133k)
Another view of RM1292, RMC1456 and the BRS Mercury.
RM1286 (130k)
RM1286 & RMC1460 in Chassis Despatch prior to delivery.
Chassis Despatch (132k)
A busy scene in Chassis Despatch.

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Many thanks to Geoff Rixon for permission to use his original slides and to Alan Stokes for converting the images.