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Gyles Carpenter's lorry photos are a bit special.  Firstly, they are of very good quality, and secondly, they capture our favourite restored AECs on the move through beautiful surroundings.  Gyles' patience waiting by the roadside at well chosen locations across the length and breadth of Britain is rewarded with many superb photos.
Here is a selection of some of the best.
C L I C K   A   T H U M B N A I L   F O R   A   L A R G E R   I M A G E
Mammoth Major BBP425 (133k)
Mammoth Major Mk II
BBP 425
Dennis Moulding's fantastic Mammoth Major Mk II seen on the 2004 HCVS London to Brighton run.
Monarch Mk III
NHK 789
Shaun Swain's Monarch and drag seen on the North of England run.
Matador Mk III
LRL 318
John Manley's Matador artic unit seen climbing Engine Hill on the Cornish Coastal run.
Mammoth Major SL9724 (118k)
Mammoth Major Mk III
SL 9724
Richard Cresswell's Mammoth Major 6 seen on the Derbyshire Limestone run.
Matador PFE232K (99k)
Matador 0853
PFE 232K
Martyn Callaghan's Matador seen on the Ayrshire run near Portpatrick.
Militant Mk I
UAS 210
Paul Higgins' Militant seen at the start of the 2003 Cornish Coastal run.
Mammoth Major AF105 (105k)
Mammoth Major Mk V
AF 105
Alan Firmin's Mammoth Major and drag seen on Shap on the first Anglo Scottish run.
Mandator PDJ519 (97k)
Mandator Mk V
PDJ 519
Martin Wainright's Mandator Mk V climbing Shap on the 2003 North of England run.
Mustang Mk V
734 CFW
Richard Cresswell's well known Mustang seen at the start of the HCVS Tyne Tees run.
Mammoth Major JFS125D (105k)
Mammoth Major Mk V
JFS 125D
Ex-Royal Navy Mammoth Major 6 about to start the 2003 West Coast run.
Mandator ENF570D (113k)
Mandator TG4R
ENF 570D
Neil Boughey's Mandator + Foden steamer seen on the Ayrshire run.
Mercury TGM4R
Mercury brewery dray seen on the North of England run.
Mandator AYA404H (128k)
Mandator TG4R
AYA 404H
Kevin Clarke's Mandator
seen on the Taunton
New Years Day run.
Mandator V8
LVL 164H
John Mayle's Mandator V8
seen on the Derbyshire Limestone run.
Mercury TGM4R
YNT 290K
Martyn Callaghan's Mercury seen climbing Shap on the Anglo Scottish run.
Mandator TGU205M (97k)
Mandator TG4R
TGU 205M
Graham Edge's Mandator seen at Eamont Bridge on the A6, on his Anglo Scottish run.
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