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  ROUTEMASTER 50 · 25TH JULY 2004  
Routemaster 50 was held at Finsbury Park in North London on the 24th & 25th of July 2004 and celebrated the first appearance of RM1 in 1954.  Finsbury Park was an inspired choice of venue where the long straight carriage road allowed more than one hundred Routemasters to be lined up with military precision.  The weather was perfect as well.
Here then just a few pictures, including four of RMF1254 which has been put back on the road after an overhaul that Aldenham would have been proud of.  Congratulations to Mick Biddell and his colleagues at Imperial.  The Leyland 0.600 engine the RMF received when sold to Northern in 1966 has now been replaced with an AEC AV690 11.3 litre unit.
Special mention too for Cobham Bus Museum and the rebuilt RM3, now recoded RML3, its original classification when new in 1957.  The accurate front end styling was completed a week before the rally.
One notable absentee was RM2 which is at Acton Depot having its original style of front end reconstructed.  Hopefully it will be ready in time for its own Golden Jubilee in 2005!
C L I C K   A   T H U M B N A I L   F O R   A   L A R G E R   I M A G E
FRM 1 (141k)
"Gently does it!"  31' of FRM1 succesfully negotiates the main gate.
RML 3(191k)
RML 3  SLT 58
Cobham managed to fit the new old front in time for the run.
RM 254 (139k)
RM 254  VLT 254
Geoff Rixon's former showbus is still maintained to the highest standards.
RM 1101 (140k)
RM 1101  101 CLT
Representing the Wirral Transport Museum.
RMF 1254 (140k)
RMF 1254  254 CLT
The triumphant return of the original forward entrance Routemaster.
RMF 1254 (123k)
RMF 1254  254 CLT
Very neat rear end design includes full blind displays.
RMF 1254 (156k)
RMF 1254  254 CLT
The shot everyone else got!
RMF 1254 (129k)
RMF 1254  254 CLT
Many of 1254's features have been accurately restored.
RMC 1469 (177k)
RMC 1469  469 CLT
Clever use of the roundel with "Greene Lane Vintage Transport" replacing LT type.
RMC 1485 (152k)
RMC 1485  485 CLT
All the wa' doon frae Bonnie Scotland!
RCL 2240 (162k)
RCL 2240  CUV 240C
Charles Wells' courtesy bus advertising Bombardier bitter.
RML 2310 (158k)
RML 2310  CUV 310C
One time Country Area bus in the very smart Timebus fleet.

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