AEC's Blue Triangle symbol [ AEC Ltd] is reproduced by kind permission of The British Commercial Vehicle Museum Trust.
After four successful, consecutive years at Newark Showground, the AEC rally returned to its "spititual home" at Wollaton Park in Nottingham.  The 22nd Annual AEC Society Road Run & Rally was held on Sunday June 5th 2005 as part of "Autokarna 2005", an event staged by the Pre-War Austin Seven Club.  A road run for the AECs was arranged for the Saturday, June 4th.
Rally entries were a bit down on 2004, due to a variety of factors such as vehicles not being ready or fit, clashes with events elsewhere, a poor weather forecast - which turned out to be wrong as the weather was perfect - and the cost of driving or transporting a vehicle long distances to and from any rally.  So the efforts of those who did bring their AECs is appreciated all the more.
Vehicles were spread out in clusters over quite a wide area, and unfortunately it was not possible for the vehicles to parade around as they have done in the past.  Wollaton Park is ideal for visiting families as there is plenty to see and do, but when it comes to the serious business of watching AECs, for me, Newark is the better venue.
Recorded below are the 61 vehicles which attended on Sunday June 5th, comprising 40 AEC lorries (including one fire appliance and a Coles Crane), and 21 AEC buses.  While the "Autokarna" guide included listings of AECs, there was no AEC Society rally programme therefore no entry numbers are listed this time.
Please e-mail if you know of any vehicle(s) that may have been missed off the list.
AEC Mogul (147k)
 DTO 182B
 AEC Mogul
AEC Regal (182k)
 KNU 446
 AEC Regal 0662/20
AEC 'Mammoth Marshal' (168k)
 NBH 131M
 AEC "Mammoth Marshal"
AEC Reliance (161k)
 477 AOP
 AEC Reliance
AEC Mercury (167k)
 KNH 958G
 AEC Mercury
 · E X T R A   P H O T O S   B Y   P E T E R   Q U I N N · 
A E C   M A M M O T H    M A J O R    [ 8 ]
Mammoth Major 8 Mk II BBP 425 1935 Dennis Moulding's fine flatbed 8-wheeler
Mammoth Major 8 Mk III 3871H.1842 HFX 429 1954 Homalloy body for 12 cubic yard of coal
Mammoth Major 8 Mk V 2G8RAD.2910 87 CCH 1963 Evans Road Services of Tipton
Mammoth Major 6 Mk V 2G6RAB.987 DCK 146C 1965 Restored chassis/cab prime mover ex-Royal Navy
Mammoth Major 6 2G6RAS.1040 FNN 622C 1965 John Rignall's ex-Army six wheeler
Mammoth Major 8 Mk V G8RA HSU 636 1966 Heavy duty 8x4 recovery vehicle
Mammoth Major 8 TG8R NPD 891D 1966 Howard Berry's 8-legger
Mammoth Major 8 TG8R KFD 745L 1972 Still in use in the round timber business
Mammoth Major 2TG6RT.26322  NBH 131M 1973 John Tweedie's "Mammoth Marshal"
A E C   M A M M O T H    M I N O R    [ 1 ]
Mammoth Minor TG6RF/2.1261 FLP 641J 1971 Originally K502 with the London Brick Company
A E C   M A N D A T O R    [ 1 0 ]
Mandator Mk III 3472.1059 NAM 189 1955 One from Richard Cresswell's pristine AEC fleet
Mandator Mk III 3475.1147 YNN 724 1958 Westfield Transport ballast tractor
Mandator TG4R.1065 ECL 142D 1966 Melvin Edwards' BRS liveried artic
V8 Mandator VTG4R.225 RWO 533G 1968 V8 tractor entered by John Ward
V8 Mandator 2VTG4R4.355 SCA 841J 1969 Ex-RTITB, very nice in AEC "works transport" colours
V8 Mandator VTG4R.406 LVL 164H 1969 Westfield Transport, new to Clayton Dewandre
Mandator TG4R.3984 RTA 205H 1969 Ex Gregory Distribution, restored by Steve Gray
Mandator 2TG4R.24719 PYD 772L 1972 Originally Somerset Water Board
Mandator 2TG4R.31332 JOC273N 1975 Acquired for preservation from MG Rover by Dave Jones
Mandator 2TG4R.32804 NBF 92P 1976 David Hopkins' tractor unit with 40' tilt trailer
A E C   M A R S H A L    [ 1 ]
Marshal 2TGM6RS.24284 NFK 246M 1973 First registered in August 1973
A E C   M A T A D O R    [ 6 ]
Matador 0853.140  (10 RD 69) RSJ 996 1939 Ex Stubbs originally with Smith, Leyburn
Matador 0853.712   (83 YY 58) YAS 607 1940 Breakdown ex Crouch. Stood for 20 years in Bird's yard!
Matador 0853.5237   (95 YY 36) LRF 463B 1943 Once with Kinver Sawmill
Matador 0853.6767  (18 YZ 81) XSY 643 1944 Demobbed from the Royal Artillery in 1969
Matador 0853.10330 KFO 341 1951 Flatbed
Matador 0853.10715 GAS 899 1953 Ex-timber tractor previously registered TTX 144X
A E C   M E R C U R Y    [ 1 0 ]
Mercury GM4RA.1612 2599 WE 1958 Still working for its keep up until 1999
Mercury 2GM4RA.2842 JFL 677 1958 Richard Cresswell, new to British Sugar Corporation
Mercury GM4RA 314 BVO 1959 Recovery vehicle but originally a cement mixer
Mercury 2GM4RA.4084 7372 WX 1961 Flatbed with Homalloy cab
Mercury 6GM4RA.7609 680 GTM 1962 Restored in London Brick Company livery
Mercury GM4R 72 VNN 1963 New as a tipper, reunited with original reg
Mercury 6GM4RA.10575 DLE 354C 1965 Ex Porton Down, coupled to a 4-in-line trailer
Mercury 7GM4RA.11611 GRH 691D 1966 Merryweather Marquis 6 ex Hull Fire Brigade
Mercury TGM4R.5003  KNH 958G 1968 Flatbed from nearby Derbyshire
Mercury TGM4R.8875 SKU 598J 1971 Tractor unit converted to recovery and back to tractor
A E C   M I L I T A N T    [ 1 ]
Militant 0860.428 MLR 569 1953 Peter Hedger's re-registered recovery vehicle
A E C   M O G U L    [ 1 ]
Mogul GB4LA.037  DTO 182B 1964 Originally built with left hand drive
A E C   M O N A R C H    [ 1 ]
Monarch Mk III 3451.595 KYE 402 1949 Neat 4x2 tanker, originally Shell Mex
A E C   R E G A L    [ 4 ]
Regal 0662/20 0662.4654  KNU 446 1946 Ex Silver Service, Willowbrook B35F
Regal III 9621.5439 ACH 441 1948 Originally Trent Motor Services, Windovers C32F
Regal III 0682.012 FFU 860 1949 Lincolnshire Road Car, Willowbrook DP35F
Regal IV 9821LT.1121 MLL 808 1952 RF 271, LT Country Area bus, Metro-Cammell B39F
A E C   R E G E N T    [ 3 ]
Regent Mk III 9612E.5341 LTF 254 1950 Morecambe & Heysham 69, Park Royal H30/26R
Regent Mk III 0961.7929 OLD 714 1954 LT Country Area RT4494
Regent Mk V 2D3RA.1805 EOD 524D 1966 New to Devon General, MCW Orion bodywork
A E C   R E L I A N C E    [ 1 0 ]
Reliance MU3RV.1287 NCY 626 1956 South Wales, Weymann "Fanfare" C37F
Reliance 2MU3RA.2884  477 AOP 1960 Flights Tours, Harrington "Cavalier"
Reliance 2MU3RA.6156 FFV 437D 1966 Plaxton "Panorama", Kidswheels Association
Reliance 6MU3R.7270 WYP 203G 1968 Plaxton "Panorama", new to Surrey Motors
Reliance 6U2R.7520 DAL 771J 1970 Plaxton, ex Rules of Boxford, originally Barton 1146
Reliance 6MU3R.7296 TUO 74J 1970 Devon General, Willowbrook B43F
Reliance 6MU4R.7927 JMC 121K 1971 Glenton Tours, Plaxton "Panorama" C32C
Reliance 6U2R.8034 MRR 811K 1972 Barton Transport 1229, Plaxton 3+2
Reliance 6U3ZR.33482 NNC 855P 1976 Yelloway, Duple Dominant C49F
Reliance 6U3ZR A200 TAR 1972* Berkhof "Esprite" originally East Kent/Duple HFN 58L
A E C   R E N O W N    [ 1 ]
Renown 3B3RA.104 DBC 190C 1965 Leicester City 190, East Lancs H44/31F
A E C   R O U T E M A S T E R    [ 3 ]
RM 506 WLT 506 1960 Aston Manor Museum, Leyland engine
RM 765 WLT 765 1961 Entered by the Newark-based RM 765 Group
RML 2518 JJD 518D 1966 Recently retired from London service
A E C   R E L A T E D    [ 1 ]
Coles Crane LTO 806P 1952 Ex MOD bridging crane on 6x6 AEC chassis