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RM1 (55k)
Chiswick Works
RM1 (67k
Chiswick Works
RM1 (122k)
Pump House Museum
RM2 (73k)
Syon Park
[upper left]LT sold RM1 in 1973 to the Lockheed Brakes company who used it as a research vehicle.  RM 1 was returned to LT ownership in mid 1981, and, having spent many months down in the "Chiswick Dip", it is seen here by the Experimental Shop in Sept 1980.
[centre left]Rear view taken at the same time.  The Routemaster in front of RM1 is experimental RM116, and just visible is Metro-Scania MS2.
[centre right]The LT Museum received RM1 into its collection for safekeeping and restoration by apprentices at Aldenham Works.  RM1 seen in 2003 at the Walthamstow Pump House Museum.
[upper right]Withdrawn from driver training duties in 1972, RM2 was used as the testbed for the Silver Jubilee livery and the "Shillibeer" 150th Anniversary livery worn by twelve RMs in 1979.

RM2 (101k)
Golders Green Station
RM6 (105k)
Southern AEC Rally
RM66 (87k)
North Weald
RM66 (82k)
North Weald
[upper left]RM2 was repainted in almost original livery (it was green at the very beginning) and is seen at Golders Green on the 25th anniversary road-run, Feb 8th 1981.
[centre left]Right up to date, Arriva RM6 in Golden Jubilee livery alongside RT4712 at the Southern AEC Rally in Sept 2003.
[centre right]A Routemaster missing its upper deck is a strange sight indeed.  Former RM66 was very professionally converted to a recovery vehicle, recalling the days when LT and other bus undertakings rebuilt retired buses into special purpose service vehicles.  It is seen at North Weald in June 1989, looking very nice in green & cream livery (repainted later into red & cream).  The bonnet number is 66RM.
[upper right]Near side rear view of '66RM' showing the very high standard of conversion.

RM89 (98k)
West Hampstead
RM450 (112k)
North Weald
RML in Aldenham (58k)
RM931 (57k)
BX Garage
RM952 (112k)
New Barnet Station
[upper left]Streatham's RM318 at the West Hampstead terminus of route 159.
[centre left]Open top RM450 from the Original London Sightseeing Tour fleet demonstrates the wheelchair lift conversion.  North Weald, June 1989.
[centre]Unidentified RML during overhaul at Aldenham Works in 1983.
[centre right]Cannibalised RM931 at Bexleyheath Garage missed an overhaul and still had gold fleetnames and fleetnumbers when photographed in April 1979.
[upper right]RM952 from Finchley Garage turns at New Barnet Station on route 26.

RM body in Aldenham (49k)
RM1128 (99k)
Bexleyheath Garage
RM1177 (119k)
New Barnet
RM1177 (144k)
New Barnet
RM1368 (99k)
North Weald
[upper left]RM body high up on the overhead gantry at Alndenham Works in 1983.
[centre left]Like RM931 above, cannibalised RM1128 at Bexleyheath Garage also missed an overhaul and still had gold fleetnames and fleetnumbers when photographed in April 1979.
[centre]RM1177 from Finchley Garage struggles up Longmore Avenue, New Barnet, in the heavy snow which brought traffic to a standstill early in 1979.
[centre right]Another view of RM1177.  Nice Mini 1275GT!
[upper right]RM1368 lost its upper deck in an arson attack at Tottenham Garage on New Year's Eve, 1974.  It was rebuilt to single deck at Aldenham Works in 1975 and allocated to the Experimental Department at LT Chiswick Works.  Seen at North Weald in June 1982.

RMC1461 (95k)
Upton Park Garage
RMC1465 (82k)
Swanley Garage
RMC1490 (82k)
Covent Garden
RMC1507 (96k)
Chiswick Works
RMC1520 (46k)
SJ Garage

RM1913 (70k)
RM1919 (106k)
RM2155 (88k)
Finchley Road
RM2158 (93k)
Hyde Park Corner
RM2188 (100k)
 RM2184  &  RM2188
Oxford Street

RCL2240 (84k)
Hatfield Garage
RCL2260 (105k)
Park Lane
RML2451 (134k)
Hatfield Garage
RML2508 (124k)
Finchley Garage
RML2615 (112k)
Verney Junction