AEC's Blue Triangle symbol [ AEC Ltd] is reproduced by kind permission of The British Commercial Vehicle Museum Trust.
Another very well organised Cobham open day on 03.04.05 kicked off the 2005 rally season.  Here is a very quick presentation of some of the A.E.C. items which caught my eye, with apologies for the rather poor picture quality - my digital camera does not like red!
C L I C K   A   T H U M B N A I L   F O R   A   L A R G E R   I M A G E
A.D.C. radiator (165Kb)
A.D.C. chassis
Close up of "Associated Daimler" cast into the radiator header of this rare A.D.C. chassis.
NS chassis (150Kb)
NS chassis
Minus engine but with chain gearbox.
A.E.C. Regal T31 (138Kb)
UU6646  T31
Always a delight to see this early T out and about.
Tilling A.E.C. Regent ST922 (154Kb)
GJ2098  ST922
My early arrival was rewarded with the chance to hear petrol engined ex-Tillings ST922.
Red Q83 (137Kb)
CGJ188  Q83
Trust vehicle Q83 in the red livery given to it by the much missed Bill Cottrell.
Q chassis (216Kb)
Q chassis  
Believed to be Q69, more visible now than in previous years. The engine is long gone but the preselect gearbox is still in situ.
Mercury badge (114Kb)
Original Mercury badge
Seen on the radiator grille of Reading Tower Wagon TXV909.
RML2440 (146Kb)
JJD440D  RML2440
Looking very nice in Lincoln Green LT livery.

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